Diverse Learning Environments


Katy Kid’s Connection infant learning schedule is full of exciting activities. Teachers communicate with parents to create a daily agenda for learning experiences full of love and care. We provide enrichment programs such as music and movement, baby sign language, flash cards, sensory toys and zoo phonics that will ensure your child is engaging in developmentally appropriate activities.Safety: Infant care adheres to all of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Child protective Services and Child Care Licensing Safety Regulations.


The Toddler Program is a wonderful beginning for any child, our staff focuses on bonding with each child and meeting their individual needs. Opportunities for hands-on exploration are incorporated into daily routines for both inside and outdoor environments. We are here to help foster your child’s self-esteem and help develop their love for learning.

Toddler Program Focus:

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Language Development
  • Potty Training
  • Listening and Speaking Skills


A planned activity schedule incorporates weekly and monthly themes and is a building block for the process of a structured day. Educational activities and creative play time contributes to the ideal balance in your child’s development.

Our teachers aim to increase your child’s attention span, develop socialization skills by working and playing well with others, physical development and coordination. We involve the children in activities that develop their love for art, literacy and math.

Preschoolers Focus On:

  • Self Help skills
  • Story Time
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Physical Education
  • Writing Skills
  • Beginners Math


Our Program for Preschool continues to offer the loving, secured and caring environment for your child with an established routine and schedule. 

Kindergarten Prep Program Focuses On:

  • Outdoor Play, Music and Movement
  • Social Studies and Community Building Activities
  • Science and Environmental Program
  • Spanish-Language Integration
  • Writing Skills
  • Off-Campus Field Trips
  • Beginners Math
  • Physical Education
  • Story Time
  • Self Help Skills
  • Cooking Classes

Before & After
School Care

We ensure that children have fun while learning, enhancing their educational experience. We provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment complemented by homework support. Promotes positive and strong relationships with peers and adults. Here children will enhance social communication, leadership skills, and gain independence through guidance.


Stephen, Sundown, Golbow, Mayde Creek, Rhoads, Sheridan, Robinson, McFee, Emery, Jowell, Hoover, Walker, Heminway, Hopper, Andrae, Duryea, Holmsley, Copeland, Harmony, Birks, Metcalf, Lowery, Postma, Tipps, Wilson, Fiest, Lieder, Rennel, Texas Christian School

Summer Program

Children have exciting adventures all year round. We offer 3 field trips per week for our non-diapered children.

The summer programs also includes crafts, outdoor play, and slash pad trips.

During the school holidays we offer exciting themed calendars that is entertaining for all ages. You have the option to attend the field trips or stay at the daycare, providing you options according to your needs. You also have options to select your field trip days!